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Zero Water Light pH12.5 (500 ML)

For everyday use
Manufacturer: Zero Water

Zero Water (Light) is purified, ionized alkaline water made with advanced Japanese technology. And, is certified by Green Label Singapore as an eco-friendly product.

Zero Water (Light) is non-toxic, skin-friendly & safe for human contact. With a pH of 12.5 created by alkalic ions, it helps to remove dirt, oil, odours & bacteria effectively.

In addition, it is non-sticky, odourless, contains no colour compounds, and does not produce any foam during use. Hence, it does not require any rinsing after use. Zero Water (Light) is the best choice for an everyday cleaning routine!


Zero Water (Light) 是多用途清洁剂。它是采用日本先进技术制造的纯净离子碱性水,可有效去除污垢、油污、异味和消毒;是日常清洁程序的最佳选择!

Zero Water (Light) 是不含任何颜色化合物,无化学刺鼻味,且温和无毒害。它是油污的克星,只要一喷一擦就干净, 使用过程简单方便无需冲洗!Zero Water (Light) 也是新加坡绿色标签认证的环保产品之一!

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Water Content 99.83%
Alkaline Level pH 12.5
Potassium Hydroxide 0.17%